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Ya está habilitada la página de la Gesellschaft für Fantastikforschung. Lars Schmeink nos ha dicho vía e-mail que en un par de días estará disponible en la web el programa del congreso que está organizando la asociación alemana para este octubre. Os copio una convocatoria para un número de una revista que he visto en esa web:

Call for papers
Fastitocalon Volume II (2011)
Published by Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier (WVT)

The European Traditions of the Fantastic
The second volume of Fastitocalon is going to be dedicated to the exploration of the literary, poetical, cultural and historical aspects of the European traditions of the Fantastic.
The Fantastic is a human universal and no single culture can lay a monopolistic claim to its variegated forms and contents. The cultural representations of the Fantastic, however, tend to differ and even the central question of what constitutes ‘the Fantastic’ varies from culture to culture. Europe, with the Gothic novel and epic fantasy in England, the fairy- and folk-tales of Germany, and the tales of the realistic fantastic in France, is often considered the cradle of modern fantastic literature. Authors and artists in the European tradition of the Fantastic frequently explore the myths, history, and landscape next to the religious, cultural and literary traditions of their native lands for their works, or they exploit the cultural stereotypes for artistic effect. The European tradition has, of course, spread and mixed with other traditions. Yet, we believe that it is possible to talk meaningfully about such a tradition, to discuss its characteristics and, by contrasting its works with those of other traditions, to highlight its typical features.
Fastitocalon is pleased to solicit proposals for papers to explore the European tradition of the Fantastic. Contributions to the volume may focus on individual works or protagonists, discuss the historical development and transformations, or explore the literary-theoretical aspects connected with the tradition. Even though the language of publication is English, we would like to encourage the contributors to include works in other languages in their discussion of the phenomenon.

Deadline for abstracts (issue 2): 15 November 2010  /  Deadline for full papers (issue 2): 30 May 2011
Fastitocalon is a peer-reviewed journal. Abstracts and/or full papers submitted will be reviewed by the editors and members of the board of advisors.
Abstracts (c. 600 words or 3,000 characters) or full papers (up to c. 8,000 words or 40,000 characters), together with a brief biographical sketch, are to be sent to either of the following addresses:

Prof. Dr. Fanfan Chen
Email: /
Postal mail: Dept. of English & Doctoral Program of Comparative Literature
National Dong Hwa University
97401 Shoufeng, Hualien County

Prof. Dr. Thomas Honegger
Postal mail: Institut für Anglistik & Amerikanistik
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Ernst-Abbe-Platz 8
D-07743 Jena


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