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Hoy un call for papers de la nueva revista sobre cine en español y portugués Cinevisto:

We are currently soliciting manuscripts for the inaugural issue of Cinevisto: Journal of Hispanic and Lusophone Cinemas, a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on film production in the Spanish and Portuguese languages, as well as films relevant to or produced by members of Hispanic and Lusophone communities in their respective diasporas, such as U.S. Latinos. Cinevisto seeks to place a particular emphasis on films that are widely circulated and consumed in their context of production, looking to move beyond the more exclusivist “art house” cinema that often gets recognized in academic forums. We seek to move out of explored territories and open the discussion to films that have enjoyed success in the Hispanic and Lusophone world, regardless of their international export. Cinevisto further aspires to broaden the historical range of the discussion and encourages submissions dealing with films made from the inception of the medium as a form of entertainment and representation up through the present day, including video and digital transformations of what cinema is and can be, who makes it and who watches it.                   

In an effort to promote the medium of film as well scholarship on it, we look forward to publishing not only academic essays, but also reviews of films and books on film, reports on film conferences and festivals, as well as interviews with actors, directors, and film scholars. We also welcome announcements for conferences and festivals for advertisement in the journal and we strongly encourage you to send such items for consideration.

The journal is conceived to include work on a broad range of films, directors and actors, beyond those more commonly discussed in academic forums.  For the first issue we invite essays that specifically address the overarching theme of the journal: cine visto, that is, films that have garnered a significant audience in their countries of origin and that bring to the fore questions of how the viewing public is defined. We are especially interested in essays that privilege films not widely distributed in North American niche audiences or that cater to pedagogical demands in the US, but rather that speak to cultures of cinema in a particular context of production. In short, what films are seen and why? 

The first issue is scheduled to be up and available by September 2011. To this end, the submission deadline for the inaugural issue is MARCH 15, 2011. Following issues of Cinevisto will be published annually, and submissions will be reviewed as they are received. Please share this CFP with colleagues interested in Hispanic and Lusophone cinemas.

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Written by umanoidemanme

4 noviembre, 2010 a 2:22


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