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CFP – Reading Bodies

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Un trozo de Pepe

Hoy traigo una convocatoria para un número especial de una revista de crítica y teoría:

CFP – Reading Bodies, Reflecting Theory Special Issue – Submission Date 1 July 2011

Postscript: A Journal of Graduate Criticism and Theory invites submissions for a special issue to be published Fall 2011. This issue, Reading Bodies, Reflecting Theory, welcomes papers from various and diverse perspectives on corporeality and embodiment as explored in the humanities. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

– bodies as text
– queer bodies
– disabled bodies
– bodies on screen and in print
– historical approaches to bodies
– gendered bodies
– blogged bodies
– fat positive bodies
– eco bodies
– colonialism and corporeality
– embodied ethics
– corporeal consumption
– theoretical bodies or bodies in theory
– inconvenient bodies Lee el resto de esta entrada »


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28 abril, 2011 at 22:57

CFP – Jean Baudrillard and politics

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La revista internacional de estudios sobre Baudrillard abre la convocatoria para el envío de artículos acerca de Baudrillard y la política:

A number of conflicting political epithets have been attached to the name Jean Baudrillard: Maoist, neo-conservative, neo-Marxist, post-Marxist, anarcho-primitivist, postmodernist, ultra-leftist, nouveaux philosophe, situationist, aristocrat, 68er, nihilist, Gnostic, relativist, reactionary romantic, anti-feminst, and so on. This is perhaps symptom of our transpolitical age. However, what might be the relation of Baudrillard’s thought to the political? Is there a Baudrillardian politics? Can his ideas illuminate key cultural and theoretical questions in new and politically productive ways? How might his work question the very assumptions, sanctions, and foundation of emancipatory and progressive politics? The International Journal of Baudrillard Studies invites papers for a special edition that explore, demonstrate, and question, the efficacy of Baudrillard’s ideas for addressing key questions of the political. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

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8 febrero, 2011 at 23:05

CFP – The Dark Spectacle

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La revista Culture and Space Journal: International Journal of Social Spaces solicita trabajos para un número especial acerca de las imágenes de catástrofes y eventos nefastos. Copio la convocatoria.

The Dark Spectacle: Landscapes of Devastation in Film and Photography

In Regarding the Pain of Others, Susan Sontag writes that “to find beauty in war seems heartless,” but that “the landscape of devastation is still a landscape.” She points out that the “classical operation of the camera” is to beautify, whereas the contrary operation of “uglifying” is a more modern response. Inspired by Sontag’s compelling narrative, this collection of essays addresses the representation of unsettling subject matter (war, political conflict, crime, executions, etc) in a variety of visual media.

Our specific focus in The Dark Spectacle is the important role played by space in the depiction of shocking and horrifying events. This volume raises, but is not limited to, the following questions: Do images of horror generate documents, or do they create works of art? Are those unsettling images allowed to be beautiful? Does their beauty drain “attention from the sobering subject?” Do these images serve as a call to arms? Does their proliferation, in addition to their beauty, make the viewer withdraw?

The Dark Spectacle is intended as a multidisciplinary forum and welcomes submissions (text and images) from scholars and artists working in various fields. Lee el resto de esta entrada »

Science Fiction Studies

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Science Fiction Studies es una revista editada por la DePauw University. En su página web ( podéis encontrar los abstracts del último número ( y varios números antiguos completos ( Otro contenido interesante de la página es una detallada bibliografía del género (